Reliable Help for Your Call Center’s Communication Projects

Contracted Services provides trusted resources and assistance to call centers when they need project management support.

When a large communications project or merger is on the horizon, call centers are oftentimes unsure about the cost and liability that comes with hiring temporary in-house or contracted employees to complete the venture.

  • update technologies
  • are involved in projects such as acquisitions and department mergers
  • need advice about best practices
  • guidance related to growth and future development and more

What Services Are Available with Contracted Services?

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System Assessment

Optional discovery and assessment of your system with a detailed report that includes time lines and recommendations for the conversion process.

Converting data

Data Conversion

Converting accounts from legacy to Contact-Based Architecture (CBA), Intelligent Series (IS), Genesis, IS On-Call, miSecureMessages, miTeamWeb, and more.

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Service & Advice

Helping with projects such as adding new accounts, updating existing accounts, merging of departments, lay out best practices, and any other projects.

Want to Make Your Scripts Flow Better? Try Our Script Assessment Program!

Script Evaluation

The Contracted Services team will provide an in-depth look and evaluation of any or all of your scripts, including existing scripts, and those in development.

Expert Tips

You'll learn how to maximize your features to simplify and create easier scripts for your agents.


Our Contracted Services team will send recommendations to help you design the best scripts for your organization and for your agents.

"I've done separate conversions, first to IS in 2021 and then to Genesis in 2019. It is a complicated and difficult process, but there is no one more qualified to guide you through it than the project managers at Amtelco."

Michael McCrosky
America's Call Center

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