Computer screen and laptop screen displaying miTeamWeb scheduling solution

Stay Informed of Shifts with miTeamWeb OnCall Widgets

Amtelco’s miTeamWeb Home page displays a variety of information based on the Home page layout. This information is displayed in widgets. Widgets are useful applications that occupy a portion of a web page and provide information from other web locations. The miTeamWeb widgets provide information about directory listings, messages, status schedules, voice logs, and on-call schedules. If the system administrator has granted their users access to the Layout settings, users can customize their home page to display the widgets that are most useful to them.

The miTeamWeb OnCall widgets give users access to their on-call assignments, assign their own on-call assignments (or send on-call assignment requests to the Schedule Administrator), view on-call assignments for a specific day, week, or month, and show information about on-call assignments for selected roles.