Web-Based Call Center Software Designed With the Latest Technology

Enable your agents and clients to remotely access information with our secure call center applications.

Conveniently Access Your Data

Our web-based call center solutions are designed to help keep up with today’s technology and customer needs. Your agents and clients want to be able to access the information they need at any time from virtually any place. It’s a fundamental and critical part of any business. Remotely access schedules, directories, reports, telephone scripts, and even historical call management data quickly and efficiently, either through the Internet or through internal networks.

Female call center agent answering calls and working on laptop

Secure and Transparent Remote Agent Software

Genesis Web Agent is Amtelco's communications software and virtual agent application designed to make working from home easy! The Genesis Web Agent application is a web browser-based telephone agent interface for the Genesis Intelligent Series (IS) call center platform. The application enables agents to process omnichannel calls through desktop computers, laptops, and tablets from a web browser.

WebRTC is utilized to provide agent audio in a secure, omnichannel environment. All agent functions are still available for remote agent connections, including call log recording and retrieval, which allows for a smooth transition. For callers, the fact that your agents are remote is transparent!

Mobile-Friendly Call Center Web Application

miTeamWeb is a mobile-friendly call center web application that enables staff to remotely access on-call schedules, directories, messages, reports, telephone scripts, and historical call management data quickly and efficiently, either through the Internet or through an organization’s internal networks.

Enterprise access to our communication tools can improve team collaboration workflows because staff can find the information they need on their own, without interrupting co-workers or employees in other departments. Customizable user-interface screens provide fast access to information you use the most.

“Our partnership with Amtelco spans 40 years. Every move we have made with Amtelco’s products have been positive as they have helped us grow our business. Amtelco’s product offerings are great and they are always responsive to our clients’ requests. We can always count on Amtelco being a phone call away."

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Web Application to Enhance Communication

Our Web Chat feature enables web page visitors to communicate directly and immediately with your agents. A customizable script is displayed in through a chat session that guides your agent through the conversation. This feature can also be configured to provide smartphone browsers the option to contact an agent using SMS text messaging or an immediate phone call.

Web-Based Call Center Software Designed to Meet Your Needs

The benefits of our web-based call center software include:

  • Make working from home easy with a seamless web-browser application.
  • Increase availability with web-based scheduling, appointment taking and appointment reminder solutions.
  • Enable Internet users to click on website links to send direct requests to operators for an immediate chat session.
  • Deliver time-sensitive information with a secure text messaging application so that staff can respond to customer needs in minutes.
  • Integrate on-call schedule information with a secure text messaging mobile application for iPhone, Android, and Windows device users.
  • Provide your clients with customizable script-driven data collection using only a web browser.