Virtual Call Center Solutions that Grow With Your Business 

Our virtual call center software will save you time and money, increase productivity, and simplify communication.

Virtual Call Center Solutions That Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology

Our virtual call center solutions ensures you will always have up-to-date applications and regular server maintenance performed by professionals. Using and maintaining multiple dedicated servers for your call center utilizes more equipment and your workforce. Utilizing a virtual server environment enables you to host several virtual servers on a single server.

You’ll find that having a virtual call center:

  • Saves time and money with less equipment to maintain
  • Guarantees your business will not lose any system data in the event of a network outage
  • Enables your business to grow and manage multiple locations without adding additional hardware
  • Gives you the ability to hire skilled remote agents located in various geographical locations
Female call center agent on phone call with outlined background of countries to represent virtual call center solutions
Female call center agent using a flexible virtual telephone system to take phone calls

A Flexible Virtual Telephone System Designed For Your Growing Business

The Genesis Soft Switch can be deployed on a physical server, virtual server, or in the cloud. Virtual server deployment provides flexible server configuration, with the ability to add CPU power and memory at any time. This enables the call center to grow without adding additional hardware. Cloud deployment allows moving the call center platform to a cloud provider such as Amazon or Microsoft. This shifts the responsibility for management of the servers to the cloud provider.

Streamline Communication and Increase Efficiency With Our Virtual Call Center Software

Our call center technology is entirely software-based and virtualized, with cloud-based capability.  Genesis provides skills-based automatic call distribution (ACD), built-in speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and voice services to improve call routing and management.

Increase efficiency with: 

  • Customizable reporting to track metrics
  • Enhanced accountability with call logging and video screen capture
  • Easily connected remote agents
  • Efficiently managed on-call scheduling

Genesis provides an omnichannel ACD capable of processing inbound phone calls, miSecureMessages, SMS text messages, e-mail messages, social media activity, and web and mobile requests.

“In making the decision to upgrade to Genesis, the system architecture was key. We wanted a system with the latest IT architecture. Genesis will give us the ability to offer a higher level of services to our customers. It also allows for growth which is crucial as we support 70+ team members that all depend on Amtelco’s technology to deliver their messages for them, as well as their clients.”