Simplify and Streamline Communication With Our HIPAA Compliant Messaging App

Our encrypted communication app provides your call center a solution for a complete secure messaging system. 

Communicate Securely With Our Call Center Application

miSecureMessages is a powerful encrypted messaging application designed as a pager replacement for healthcare organizations, call centers, and enterprise environments. Built for iPhone®, iPad™ Apple Watch™ and Android™ mobile devices, miSecureMessages replaces outdated paging technology and enables users to send and receive secure encrypted messages from anywhere they have mobile data or Wi-Fi coverage. 

Third Party Integrations

Convenient and Quick Messaging Solution

miSecureMessages has many features for quick and convenient messaging! Users will save time by utilizing the following features:

  • High Priority Sounds. By selecting different sounds for different priorities, users instantly know the priority of incoming messages.
  • Auto-Replies and Away Messages. Users can type their own away messages or choose a pre-programmed message. Auto-replies are sent to message senders when a user is 'away'.
  • No Reply or Reply to Sender. Messages can be sent with three different reply modes.
  • Personal Quick Phrases. Users can create their own personal quick phrases to create and reply to messages more efficiently.

Streamline and Simplify Your Secure Messaging System

miSecureMessages is an integral part of a complete secure messaging system from Amtelco. Utilizing miSecureMessages, you’ll be able to streamline and simplify communications by choosing various integrations that meet the needs of your team.

miSecureMessages integrates with the Amtelco Scheduling solution, allowing you to quickly and securely contact on-call staff. On-Call schedules are automatically updated, and allow you to select the current on-call personnel and send a message. On-call staff can check their schedules on the go, so they always know when they are on-call.

miSecureMessages can easily connect with other call center platforms and systems to make sharing critical data simple, especially in a healthcare setting. Contact a sales representative to determine if your call center platform or other systems are compatible.

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Encrypted and HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging for Your Call Center

  • miSecureMessages is a HIPAA compliant messaging app that encrypts
    text messages in a secure location, and stores them off the device.
  • Contents are kept private and unreadable if the device is misplaced, lost, or stolen.
  • By utilizing end-to-end message encryption, miSecureMessages ensures that messages in transit are secure and protected.
  • While it is optional, using a passcode to access the app helps
    ensure your information remains private. You can also choose the length
    of your passcode for added security.
  • If your smart device has scanning capabilities, you can use your
    fingerprint as an alternative to the standard passcode to securely
    access the app.
  • Lost track of your device? With miSecureMessages, you have built-in
    security because the app can be remotely disabled without a full device
    wipe, so the device can no longer access miSecureMessages information.
    Found your device? Reactivate, and no messages are lost!