Call Center Reporting and Analytics Tools to Increase Productivity

Monitor your call center’s traffic and increase customer satisfaction with Amtelco’s call center analytics.

Call Center Reporting and Analytics Tools to Increase Efficiency

Our call center reporting and analytics tools make it easy to monitor key call center metrics with a variety of reports. Being accountable and credible means having precise, call center analytics and statistics, as well as real-time call center reporting.

Custom reports can be generated and used for billing, evaluating individual agent and group performance, call stats, dispatches, messages, system usage, and more. Measure and increase your profitability with the most relevant statistics available.

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Female call center agent starting at computer screen and reviewing call  log analytics

Detailed Call Log Analytics and Service Level Charting to Help Manage Workload

Utilize your call center traffic data to help gauge call volume. Our Call Tracker Analytics feature helps your call center plan for workload and staffing needs. Call Tracker Analytics provide a detailed view of agent calls including when the call came into and left the system, abandons, and all aspects of call duration: ring time, hold time, talk time, and conference time.

Detailed call reports can be generated from our Call Tracker Analytics feature for a specific date and time period and include information such as how many calls are coming into the system, who or what department calls the most, which agents take the most calls, ring count, peak traffic times and number of calls answered during peak times, and how calls were completed.

The Service Level Charting widget in our Call Tracker Analytics feature provides a visual representation of activities (expected answer time, calls in waits, abandons) related to target goals. Data can be grouped by year, month, week, day, hour, or quarter hour. Various data is included such as: average answer time, service level answer time, calls per agent, and more!

Quality Assurance Tool to Measure Agent Performance

Assess agent performance on individual calls with Amtelco’s customizable survey and scoring tool. The IS Agent Assessment tool is a pre-built web script that displays customizable assessment questions that can be used to assess an agent.

The administration user interface enables Supervisors to:

  • Easily create and edit assessments.
  • Customize the weight of the questions.
  • Specify which assessments are used for which clients.

Reports are available that include assessment details such as the score received, call and client information, and who assessed the agent.

Desktop computer with agent assessment screen to measure agent performance

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Monitor Productivity With Our Call Center Metrics Dashboard

Our call center metrics dashboard helps call center supervisors monitor multiple metrics at once. Widgets display detailed statistical information that is recorded by the switch, compiled, and presented in a variety of easy-to-understand formats.

Information about the calls in queue and which stations are logged in can be viewed with our customizable monitor. Calls that have been in queue longer than the specified critical time can trigger an alert which is sent to the supervisor.

Laptop computer on desk with a headset laying near detailed call center reporting

Additional Analytics for Detailed Call Center Reporting

Other types of analytics data are recorded by the software and are available for detailed reporting include:

  • Account Statistics – Used for billing, system evaluation, and agent performance.
  • Agent Tracker – Analytics about an agent’s activity including number of calls, call time, time spent editing scripts and setting up directories, email activity, and events such as log in/log out and ready/not ready.
  • ANI – A specific view of calls that can be filtered by the Automatic Number Identification (ANI).
  • Billing – Call centers can use billing codes to track accounts and their call activity for invoicing.
  • Call Details – Detailed call information including dispatch jobs, dial out activity, messages, message history, events by call ID or agent, speech recognition events, and live call information.
  • Service Level – A breakdown of information showing how well skill groups and individual agents are handling calls via color-coded warnings.