Decrease Business Costs and Increase Productivity with our Remote Call Center Software

Your remote call center agents will find our web browser-based application to be simple, secure, and convenient.

Remote Call Center Software That Takes Your System to the Next Level 

Is it time for a new call center system? Take your system to the next level with our latest technology!

Decrease business costs and increase productivity with Web Agent, our next-generation, call-handling application. The Web Agent application is a web browser-based telephone agent interface that transforms any personal computer into a professional telephone agent station.

Grow Your Business With Virtual Call Center Agents

You'll find that Genesis Web Agent benefits both your business and agents:

  • Easy Configuration. The application is accessible through a web browser. No software to load or maintain on a device!
  • Decrease Expenses.  Eliminate terminal server costs and reduce labor expenses.
  • Convenient. Work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Portable. Users can access the application from a laptop, desktop, or tablet.
  • Superior Voice Quality. Opus Codec delivers high-quality audio.
  • Efficient. Utilizes less bandwidth which is valuable for networks with limited bandwidths.
  • Seamless Updates. Updates are completed via a web server.
  • Enhanced Agent Experience. Custom keyboard layouts and Magnifier and Zoom settings.

A Flexible Virtual Telephone System Designed For Your Growing Business

Our customizable system can be deployed on a physical server, a virtual server, or in the cloud.

  • Virtual server deployment provides flexible server configuration, with the ability to add CPU power and memory at any time. Grow your call center or contact center operations without the hassle of adding additional hardware.
  • Cloud deployment allows moving the call center platform to a cloud provider such as Amazon or Microsoft. Shift the responsibility for server management to the cloud provider.

“We love how Genesis is a truly virtualized system and will be simple to move. We will no longer be tied down with our backup server and will have the ability to move it to our other offices. The scalability that Genesis offers is great as it’s flexible and makes growth easier."

Stephanie Hyde
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Why Choose Amtelco?

By constantly providing innovative solutions, Amtelco has been a trusted leader in the telecommunications industry for over 45 years. Having received over 25 patents, you can rely on Amtelco to provide you with the tools you need to interact efficiently and securely and grow your business.

These are the guiding values of Amtelco:

  • Prioritizing all members of the Amtelco family (customers and employees), providing five-star service.
  • Creating reliable products that empower others to communicate quickly and securely.
  • Growing and improving thoughtfully, evaluating what elements meet long-term needs.
  • Treating members of the Amtelco family with consideration and transparency.
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation, considering and fostering new ideas that come from all members of the Amtelco family.