Increase Efficiency with Our Call Center Management Software

Our simplified, flexible, and completely secure call center workforce management application streamlines workflow, increases efficiency, and improves accuracy.

Streamline Scheduling with Our Call Center Workforce Management Software

Our call center workforce management software utilizes innovative technology to increase accuracy, productivity, and efficiency. Streamline your call center scheduling and workforce management with a simplified, flexible, and completely secure cloud-based on-call scheduling application available through web and mobile interfaces.

By using web and mobile access, agents have a fast way to create, view, and edit on-call schedules from virtually anywhere – even from their own homes.

On-call schedules are archived for later review, enabling managers to create quality assurance reports and other custom reports that include:

  • All schedule changes and overrides
  • A complete audit trail of all schedule updates
  • Who was notified and at what time
Male and female call center agents using call center management software

Powerful and Customized Call Center Management Software

Our On-Call Scheduling provides a powerful and customizable scheduling and workforce management tool. This ensures your agents are able to easily create, view, and update schedule coverage for any department on any day, week, or month. Amtelco’s On-Call scheduling software is also conveniently accessible through web and mobile.

Accurate and accessible on-call scheduling information is imperative for providing better care, improving workflows, increasing efficiencies, and eliminating costly errors.

Our On-Call Scheduling system:

  • Notifies a Manager in advance about unfilled schedules
  • Adds on-call schedules to personal and mobile calendars
  • Separates schedules by location/department/specialty to reduce errors
  • Provides automated, real-time updates

Fully Integrated Call Center Scheduling Software to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Creating elaborate workforce management schedules you need for your various clients has never been easier with our web-based miTeamWeb scheduling software! Giving web access to select agents helps your business easily meet the diverse needs of each client, and integrates with your existing data to automate the process of compiling schedules.

The widget-based miTeamWeb application provides access to status, messages, directories, on-call schedules, call log monitoring, and reporting in one convenient package for both desktop computer users as well as mobile device users.

Provide your call center staff and clients with access to schedule information that is fully integrated with agent call-handling and message dispatching. When it comes to modifying schedules, dispatching messages, and maintaining directory contact methods, your agents will find the scheduling process flexible, accurate, and simple.

"Genesis gives us a one stop platform for all of our needs. Genesis reduces programming time and expedites the go live for any new client. At the same time we are able to train our agents faster."

Marius Carciumaru, Director of IT

Scheduling solutions to increase your call center’s efficiency:

  • Move between various appointment schedules and dates with the ability to schedule and view appointments.
  • Integrate with popular calendar applications, such as Microsoft Outlook to bring appointments directly into your client’s calendar of choice.
  • Import appointment, on-call and workforce schedule information directly from third-party scheduling applications.
  • Automatically set schedule imports to run at off-peak times to save valuable call center time and resources.
  • Simplify workforce management with customizable shifts, roles, and statuses.
  • Easily design schedules to meet each client’s specific needs.
  • Monitor employee and staff workloads by checking the totals for the selected month, week, and even day.
  • Streamline scheduling and workforce management with a simplified, flexible, and completely secure cloud-based on-call scheduling application available via web and mobile interfaces.