Grow Your Business with an Integrated Multi-Channel Call Center System

Our cloud-based call center system provides solutions by increasing first contact resolution, improving self-service, and reducing agent frustration.

Take Your System to the Next Level With Our Call Center Technology

Our call center software applications are specifically designed to help call centers increase revenue, save labor, and reduce costs.

Our software is constructed to meet the needs of your business – whether you have only a few agents handling dozens of daily calls, or hundreds of agents processing tens of thousands of calls every day. Amtelco's call center technology can be trusted to ensure the data accumulated during a call follows that call no matter how and where it is directed. 

Genesis is the latest advancement in Amtelco’s long line of call center solutions. This call center technology is entirely software-based and virtualized, with cloud-based capability. Genesis provides skills-based automatic call distribution (ACD), built-in speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and voice services to improve call routing and management.

Increase efficiency with: 

  • Customizable reporting to track metrics
  • Enhanced accountability with call logging and video screen capture
  • Easily connected remote agents
  • Efficiently managed on-call scheduling

Genesis provides a multi-channel ACD capable of processing inbound phone calls, miSecureMessages, SMS text messages, e-mail messages, social media activity, and web and mobile requests.

Cloud-Based Applications that Reduce Agent Frustration

Virtualize your call center system and save money! Our cloud-based applications make working from home easy. Your remote agent workforce can use our fully functioning call-handling application to transform any personal computer into a professional telephone agent station, which can be accessed through the Internet. Generate revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiencies with Amtelco’s cloud-based call center software solutions designed for you.

Our cloud-based systems are omni-channel and feature full scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. A VPN connection is established for remote agents to ensure their connection is secure. The data connection can be established via direct connection, remote desktop, thin client, Citrix, and VDI. The audio connection can be established via integrated audio or external audio.

Agents can be trained quickly and easily using prompts, lookups and navigation that can be built into database-driven call scripts to automatically guide them through even the most complex calls. Raise your customer satisfaction scores with increased agent accuracy!

Call Center System Designed for Flexibility and Growth

Call centers can take advantage of running Genesis in a virtual server environment or in the cloud. Virtual servers allow you to grow without adding additional hardware. This call center technology saves time and money with little to no maintenance!

In addition to call centers, our systems are also utilized in many other industries including:              

Businesses with multiple locations and centers can run on a single virtual server located anywhere in the country – even if they all use different PBX telephone systems.

Manage Your Calls More Efficiently With Our Call Center Technology

Save time and labor costs with an efficient call management system. Genesis’s automatic greeting, voice-activated menu can efficiently assist callers before they even speak with a live agent, and has shown to reduce the number of calls an agent receives by up to 40%.

Automated queue announcements inform callers of the estimated time it will take for their call to be answered and offer a choice to hold or request a call back via caller ID or another number.

Incoming caller data and behavior is utilized to:

  • Predict the caller’s needs
  • Auto-fill information
  • Present information to the operator to expedite calls

Additional tools that improve call flows include text-to-speech (TTS) and speech recognition software to more easily communicate with callers.

Integrations to Simplify Communications

Our system integrates with VoIP PBXs: AvayaCisco, Mitel, and others.

The Genesis system integrates with existing telephone carriers and PBX equipment from every major PBX vendor to provide a stand-alone, fully functional call center environment.

“There were a number of reasons we chose Genesis. We wanted to use SIP service for pricing and disaster recovery options. Genesis also allowed us to install it onto a server and have a separate server for backup. The integration of Genesis and Intelligent Series was the way to go for a seamless operation."

Dick Emberson - President America’s Call Center

Designed to Provide Call Center Solutions That Meet Your Needs

By streamlining your enterprise-wide communications, you’ll find that our software:

  • Provides flexibility with virtual servers and cloud deployment – say goodbye to hardware
  • Improves your client service with advanced skills-based call routing
  • Reduces agent frustration with custom scripts that guide your agents through each call
  • Boosts agent productivity with customizable function keys and a configuration of up to 6 call appearances
  • Increases self-service by giving callers access to information and the ability to conduct transactions with no agent involvement
  • Enhances quality assurance with detailed call analytics