Call Center Scripting

Customizable and Intuitive Scripting Solution

Our call center scripting solution allows you to pre-program intuitive and customizable call flow scripts with our drag-and-drop scripting tool. You’ll find our scripting solution to be flexible and easy to use, but still complex for more in-depth scripts. Even staff with limited or no IS experience will find the IS system easy to use! 

After programming, the system easily guides your agents through each call, and provides them with a custom script with the exact information they need, at the time they need it. The system enables your call center to create hundreds, or even thousands of custom unique scripts. Amtelco's scripting solution is renowned for being intuitive and proactive. 

Agent Scripting Solutions

Color-coding helps agents identify call types so they can handle calls more quickly. Protocols can be built into navigation scripts so when agents fill in the caller’s responses, the script proceeds to the next appropriate question. This is ideal for deciding who should receive the calls, if calls are urgent, handling code calls, staffing, automatic age calculations and many other options. Based on the current time and day, the correct navigation script and dispatch options are displayed, helping ensure calls are always handled correctly.

Save time, eliminate errors, and provide better service for every caller with the innovative IS Predictive Intelligence! Predictive Intelligence simplifies customer interaction by instantly providing operators with all the information they need for fast, professional call handling. Predictive Intelligence uses the ANI (automatic number identification) for the call to recognize previous callers, eliminating the need for operators to re-enter the caller’s information. Predictive Intelligence determines who is calling and predicts the most likely reason why they are calling. It continues to learn with each call which helps improve call handling. 


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