Call Center Agent Scripting Software

Eliminate errors and increase efficiency by using the power of intelligence, validation, and spell correction. 

Customizable and Intuitive Call Center Scripting Tool

Our call center scripting solution allows you to pre-program intuitive and customizable call flow scripts with our drag-and-drop scripting tool. You’ll find our scripting solution to be flexible and easy to use, but still complex for more in-depth scripts. Even staff with limited or no IS experience will find the IS system easy to use! 

After programming, the system easily guides your agents through each call, and provides them with a custom script with the exact information they need, at the time they need it. The system enables your call center to create hundreds or even thousands of unique and custom scripts. Amtelco's call center scripting tool is renowned for being intuitive and proactive. 

Agent Scripting Solution

Color-coding helps agents identify call types so they can handle calls more quickly. Protocols can be built into navigation scripts so when agents fill in the caller’s responses, the script proceeds to the next appropriate question.

This is ideal for deciding who should receive the calls, if calls are urgent, handling code calls, staffing, automatic age calculations, and many other options. Based on the current time and day, the correct navigation script and dispatch options are displayed, helping ensure calls are always handled correctly. 

Streamlines Workforce Management

Our guided scripts can also be used as web scripts to enable your staff, as well as customers, to enter information using a script on your website, without agent assistance. This offers convenience, speeds requests, and helps you provide better care and services! Scripts can connect to external systems using REST APIs to retrieve or post data, enabling integration between your call center data and third-party applications and processes.

The optional MergeComm feature adds automated dispatching scenarios to Amtelco’s call center scripting solution. MergeComm dispatch scenarios can run automatically based on inbound triggers such as:

  • an e-mail message
  • a miSecureMessages message
  • a text message 
  • a page

When combined with the optional MergeComm platform, scripting can be used to automate the entire dispatch process including retries, escalations, and confirmations.

Predictive Intelligence Simplifies Customer Interaction

Save time, eliminate errors, and provide better service for every caller with the innovative IS Predictive Intelligence! Predictive Intelligence simplifies customer interaction by instantly providing agents with all the information they need for fast, professional call handling.

Predictive Intelligence uses the ANI (automatic number identification) for the call to recognize previous callers, eliminating the need for operators to re-enter the caller’s information. Predictive Intelligence determines who is calling and predicts the most likely reason why they are calling. It continues to learn with each call which helps improve call handling.

“Contact-based architecture has reduced our training time by 90%! Training reduced to a couple of days from weeks. Operator errors, especially in dispatching, have been virtually eliminated. The ability for each contact to be handled according to their individual status is a big improvement over general account information. We also like the automatic assignment of dispatch jobs to operators.”


Designed to Meet Your Call Center Needs

By streamlining your enterprise-wide communications, you’ll find that our agent call center scripting software:

  • Decreases errors in agent call handling by as much as 90% with advanced agent call flow scripting
  • Reduces agent training time by as much as 50%, allowing new staff to begin processing calls faster
  • Enables customization of the system to meet your call handling needs 
  • Delivers a fast ROI
  • Improves efficiency and productivity which leads to a better customer experience
  • Consolidates and improves processes
  • Provides accurate information
  • Includes detailed reporting analytics