Call Center Reporting and Analytics Tools to Increase Productivity

Monitor your call center’s traffic and increase customer satisfaction with Amtelco’s call center analytics.

Revolutionize Your Contact Center Performance with On-Demand Analytics and Reporting

Our contact center reporting and analytics tools provide comprehensive monitoring of key metrics and real-time reporting, ensuring accountability and credibility. Generate custom reports for billing, agent evaluation, call stats, system usage, and more, enabling you to measure and improve profitability with relevant statistics. Utilize detailed call log analytics and service level charting to effectively manage workload, plan staffing needs, and analyze call volume. Our Call Tracker Analytics feature offers in-depth information on agent calls, including call duration, abandons, and specific time periods. It also includes a Service Level Charting widget for visual representation of target goals and various data grouping options.

Unlock the true potential of your contact center with Active Insights – the cutting-edge solution that maximizes efficiency, elevates customer experiences, and boosts your bottom line. Built to empower businesses like yours, Active Insights seamlessly integrates reporting tools, Amtelco's cloud-based products, and advanced call analytics. It's time to transform how you engage, analyze, and excel.

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Unleash the Power of Automation

Save time and resources with Active Insights' automated call scoring. Set custom criteria to instantly evaluate agent performance, ensuring consistency and adherence to your standards. From answer time to language proficiency and call closure accuracy, our advanced scripts provide comprehensive evaluations with unrivaled efficiency.

Post Call Scoring

Harness the Power of Data

In today's fast-paced business landscape, data is king. Active Insights empowers you to harness the power of call analytics, transforming raw information into actionable insights. Discover new opportunities for improvement, optimize workflows, and deliver unparalleled service quality. With data at its core, our robust reporting function ensures you have access to the comprehensive data you need.

Real-time Analytics at Your Fingertips

Active Insights' intuitive web portal provides instant access to real-time call metrics. Monitor performance, track key indicators, and uncover trends that matter. From average call duration to call answering times, our dynamic dashboard widgets present invaluable statistics for informed decision-making. Identify areas of excellence and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement with ease.

Elevate Your Customer Engagement

Active Insights doesn't just provide data; it empowers your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Access recordings, generate call transcripts, and edit call-scoring scripts effortlessly via the user-friendly web portal. The Call Log feature enables quick access to stored calls with intelligent filters that let you find specific calls based on agents, clients, duration, and more. Uncover valuable insights and optimize your operations with ease.

Secure Cloud Storage for Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your valuable data is stored securely in Amtelco-managed Cloud Storage. Active Insights offers seamless integration, allowing you to save call log screen captures and audio recordings for future reference. Monitor and manage your organization's cloud storage utilization with ease through the dedicated Storage page.

Call Transcription Made Effortless

Never miss a word with Active Insights' optional Call Transcription feature. Convert recorded calls into detailed text transcripts, complete with conversation summaries and speaker identification. Gain access to a treasure trove of insights while improving compliance and accuracy.

Unveiling the Active Insights Advantage

With Active Insights, you gain powerful features designed to propel your contact center to new heights. Leverage customized scoring scripts to automatically rate calls, streamlining agent workflows and enhancing operator performance. Dive deep into call recordings, screen captures, and more to understand what happened during each interaction. The secure Active Insights web portal offers seamless development, deployment, and compatibility across all web browsers.

Agent Assistant: Empowering Your Agents

Give your agents the tools they need to excel. The optional Agent Assistant feature utilizes Active Insights' powerful platform to provide call history insights based on the caller's ANI (Caller ID number). Equip your agents with critical information such as previous call details and agent names, enabling them to provide personalized, top-tier service.