Contact Based Architecture has reduced our training time by 90%!

“Contact Based Architecture has reduced our training time by 90%! Training reduced to a couple of days from weeks.

Operator errors, especially in dispatching, have been virtually eliminated.

The ability for each contact to be handled according to their individual status is a big improvement over general account information.

We also like the automatic assignment of Dispatch Jobs to operators.”

Theran Mossholder
Newtown Answering Service

Seeing how we have grown is unbelievable

We started over 20 years ago, with the pink notepads and grew to typing messages on the computer and faxing them to the clients. Then it came to the point of expanding even further and my husband Gerald and son, Gerald, II searched for other systems to grow the business, they chose AMTELCO. I was so nervous at what I had to learn, but after getting started learning a lot of the features and I am still learning more to this day as they continue to offer new applications, it really isn't that difficult. Seeing how we have grown is unbelievable and this year as Gerald, II as President of NAEO, is beyond words. My husband was so proud and happy how Gerald, II found AMTELCO to take us to the next level to keep up with the times.  Whenever we need something, or have a question someone is always available to help us out. A big THANK YOU for your wonderful services.

Ellen Brosseau
Always On Call

Amtelco and NAEO have transformed my business to levels that my parents never imagined

Almost 10 years ago, I was faced with the opportunity to continue in the family business. Knowing that the only way the business could sustain and expand meant a major upgrade to a new infrastructure.  My father and I researched numerous systems only be overwhelmed.  It wasn’t until I met with Training Manager, Susan Kirkpatrick at an ATSI Conference and an industry colleague and mentor of mine, Tom Gelbach, that I knew I had found the perfect system to complement the services we were providing.  

The task of programming the system seemed daunting at first; however, I was welcomed into the NAEO Users Group where I quickly realized that I had hundreds of fellow business owners that not only trusted Amtelco for their business, but they were willing to share their stories, assist in educating each other, and always be a phone call away to lend an ear to any question.  

When Amtelco released “Intelligent Series,” their scripted messaging and dispatch system, it was meant as an unparalleled upgrade to their core Infinity system.  However, I saw this opportunity build our business solely within Intelligent Series before our cutover, only to then to be told that I was the first Amtelco customer to ever start using “IS” without programming Infinity first. The decision I made choosing Amtelco as the telephony backbone of our company was the best decision ever.  Since then, Amtelco and NAEO have transformed my business to levels that my parents never imagined.  Instead of worrying when we took on a new client or contract if we could train our staff to do it consistently, we were worrying about how quick we were growing as a company.  Intelligent Series immediately reduced training time, ensured consistency in message handling, and made a tremendous impact on the efficiency and profitability of the company. 

At my first NAEO Conference, I received a standing round of applause and was soon invited into the Education Committee.  Within months, I was assisting in helping to teach other companies how to program their systems.   Almost seven years later, I am serving as President of NAEO and enjoying the opportunity to give back to the members. 

Gerald R. Brosseau, II
President of Always On Call
NAEO Board of Directors, President 2015-2016 

Upgrading to the Intelligent Series would greatly decrease our training time

“When my Amtelco sales rep told me that upgrading to the Intelligent Series would greatly decrease our training time and nearly eliminate errors – he was right!”

Ian Cooke
IT Manager
Answer 365

There were several reasons why we switched to Telescan

“There were several reasons why we switched to Telescan. First, they answered all my questions honestly. Second, I liked the stability of the Telescan system. This was very important to us. Third, the hardware is not proprietary. That means I can easily add or replace any piece of hardware myself in an emergency. I was also impressed with their dedication to ongoing development. We get two updates yearly, with new features and enhancements to current features. But most importantly, I know the people at Telescan by name, and I know I can give any of them a call, day or night if I need to. And, I know they will listen to my concern and find a solution.”

John Robinson
Answering Service, Inc.
Southfield, Michigan

Infinity has helped our telecommunications department shine.

“Infinity has helped our telecommunications department shine.

One of the Infinity features that have helped up the most is Web OnCall, which allows all our clinics to enter their own schedules

Thanks to Amtelco’s Infinity we were able to show we were not at fault when a state oversight agency looked at a complaint. Infinity printable reports, OnCall Schedules, and patient WAV files gave us the backup we needed. Helped by these reports, our risk manager said to me, ‘Gail, with your knowledge, you have saved our bacon.’”

Gail Russell
Telecommunications Director
Salina Regional Health Center

Telescan listens to their clients

“Telescan listens to their clients. When I have a client with a special need, I know I can pick up the phone and talk to someone at Telescan and they will find a solution. Telescan’s research and development is driven by their users’ requests. That is very different. Telescan is truly geared to help us be successful.”

Marcy Hewlett
A Better Connection
Gilbert, AZ

We found Telescan had everything we wanted and it cost less

We had to upgrade when Caddo stopped supporting DOS. We found Telescan had everything we wanted and it cost less. The operator interface was closest to what we were used to and the SMS was a very important feature to our business. Telescan is continually coming out with new features that give us more to offer our clients. But, most importantly, Telescan is more responsive than our previous vendor. Telescan is even helping us pursue some new big accounts. They have made it possible for us to pitch big accounts we were previously unable to service. That makes a huge difference to the future of our business.”

Dave Byrnes
Byrnes Message Bureau
Poughkeepsie, NY

Telescan is a good system, but even better people.

“I know nearly everyone at Telescan from the switch board operator to the president. If I have a suggestion, I know there is someone who will listen to my ideas and make changes. No other vendor can say that. I also like their constant innovations, particularly the Spectrum Messenger. Since I have two locations, the Messenger has been very helpful to my business. The Information Server saves valuable time with schedules. Telescan is always looking for ways to make my business more efficient.”

Debbie Bibber
AB Universal Messaging
Nebraska and New Jersey