Is your Call Center Secure?

Can your call center afford not spending money on security? Like it or not, the answer to that question is a resounding No!


AMTELCO Introduces Genesis Just Say It Speech Recognition

The Genesis Just Say It feature enhances the IS Navigation Menu feature by enabling callers to speak responses in addition to pressing telephone keypad digits. 

New All-in-One Spectrum / Prism II Server

Amtelco Hardware and Software Engineers designed the new Prism II server to run Spectrum, Prism II, and other applications from this one server.

Tom Curtin Looks Ahead to 2018


Last year was a banner sales year in Amtelco’s history and 2018 is poised to be an even better year. 

Amtelco Employee Awards Announced

Amtelco announces that Steve Bormett of the Field Engineering Department is the 2017 recipient of Amtelco’s William J. Curtin Employee of the Year award. 

Amtelco Successfully Tests Cox SIP Trunking

Amtelco and Cox Communications announce the successful completion of interoperability testing of Cox’s SIP trunking services with Amtelco’s Genesis intelligent soft switch.

AMTELCO XDS Division Introduces T1/E1 Appliance

The new T1/E1 Appliance from Amtelco XDS is a small, compact, highly cost-effective system containing a highly configurable Asterisk™ telephony platform with a single T1/E1 span and a single Ethernet port.

Amtelco Announces miSecureMessages Version 6.6

The features added in miSecureMessages (MSM) Version 6.6 are designed to make it even easier to use. The features were developed in collaboration with members of the miSecureMessages Certified Partner program and MSM app users.

The Big Impact of Simplification on Call Centers

One of the most significant benefits of Amtelco’s Genesis Intelligent Series platform for call centers is simplification.

Amtelco Announces Enhancements to miTeamWeb Application

miTeamWeb is a mobile-friendly Web application that extends the functionality of AMTELCO’s suite of Intelligent Series (IS) call center applications across the enterprise and to hand-held devices using just a Web browser. 

NAEO 2017 Conference

The 2017 National Amtelco Equipment Owners (NAEO) Conference took place in San Antonio, Texas, March 12-15.

Looking Ahead - "Simplification"

Simplification is defined as the process of making something simpler to do, easier to do, or easier to understand.

Amtelco Releases Hosted Spectrum

Some of the advantages of hosting include increased call handling capacity without adding hardware or IT labor, and no need for a support plan – it's all included along with updates. 

Annual Visit to AMTELCO

The National AMTELCO Equipment Owners (NAEO) board of directors made their annual visit to McFarland, WI to discuss the most advanced technology in the teleservices industry.