Ensure Call Center Compliance with Secure Messaging

HIPAAStandard messaging often fails to meet the requirements of the current laws, leaving patient data vulnerable and providers liable for potential HIPAA violations. 

The Critical Role Hospital Call Centers Play During and After a Disaster

The ever-increasing threats from natural and human-made disasters have made the use of disaster response systems a necessity.

COVID-19: The Importance of a Secure Messaging Platform Now

Secure Messaging Platform

Now more than ever, secure messaging platforms like miSecureMessages are critical to ensure communications are sent securely and quickly across these care and support teams. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Expanded Services and Automation

Call centers exist in a constantly changing marketplace. New channels and technologies are constantly emerging. Using a multi-channel, all-in-one system makes it easier to support customers’ needs and earn their loyalty.

Amtelco’s Web Agent Allows Customization with Agent Styles

Call Center Customziation

Supervisors can customize the way their agents interact with the Genesis Web Agent application while they speak with callers. 


Amtelco Wins Top Workplace Award from The Wisconsin State Journal

Logo for The Wisconsin State Journal's Top WorkplacesAmtelco has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor and a special award for work/life flexibility by The Wisconsin State Journal. 

BYOD Call Center Messaging

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend that’s taking over workplaces of several different industries. 

miSecureMessages v6.7 Allows Personalization and Insight

Amtelco announces the ability for users to customize their away message with the miSecureMessages version 6.7 release. 

New Year's Message

Wow! What a rush and joy 2019 has been with many exciting accomplishments to boast about! 

In Memory of George Meyer, Telescan Founder







A dear friend and an icon of the TAS industry has passed away. 

Intelligent Series Call Log Customizable Agent Assessment

Amtelco’s Call Log Agent Assessment can be used to assess agents’ productivity to improve their performance, improve customer retention rates, eliminate unproductive processes and systems, and address sources of agent frustration.

Amtelco Releases IS Social Media Monitor

The Intelligent Series (IS) Social Media Monitor translates popular social media posts, messages and notifications into dispatch jobs that can be managed by call center agents on behalf of their clients.

Amtelco Introduces Text Enable Landlines

Amtelco’s Intelligence Series software and MergeComm platform integrate with Infinite Convergence Solution’s (ICS) Text Enabled Number Service to allow enterprises to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages to their customers using existing and new landline numbers

Genesis Service Level Reports


Amtelco’s Genesis Service Level reports provide reporting on service level statistics for each Agent ID, Agent ACD Skill, Agent Skill Group, and client account.