Considerations for Buying a Secure Messaging App

Considerations for Buying a Secure Messaging App

Business communication systems are complex, yet many companies select one communications method, secure messaging, in the hopes that a texting solution or an app is going to be their panacea.

When companies research products and businesses for a solution, they may not realize that, while many secure messaging businesses do offer texting products, that is all the vendor can offer. Having just that one part of a vast communication system will not support what their company needs.

Using a secure messaging app is important, but it is only part of an effective communication protocol. It is paramount for businesses to have a holistic communication platform so that a secure messaging app can integrate with other communication systems, and take advantage of known data to provide reports.

Decision-makers and IT staff should consider the following key questions before selecting a secure messaging app:

  1. Will the app deliver messages to the right people, at the right time? Be certain the app can integrate with your staffing calendar and on-call schedules. Everyone needs to be able to find the personnel they need in an instant, and contact each person the way they want to be notified. Amtelco's miSecureMessages secure messaging app readily integrates with existing software and, of course, works seamlessly with our on-call scheduling and workforce management software.
  2. Is it easy to implement the app with various systems from different vendors? Maintaining multiple systems takes multiple people, which leads to working in silos. The app should improve workflows by integrating seamlessly with existing software to save staff time, improve communications, and support reporting functions.
  3. Is the app easy to use for people who aren’t tech savvy? The app should have features that are simple to use so training is fast and painless. Therefore, the app needs to provide simple architecture for IT staff to implement and maintain, and has to be intuitive for all end users.
  4. Does the secure messaging company offer reliable customer support and help with trouble-shooting? Many businesses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so they should be able to rely on support for the app 24/7 as well. Companies that choose our miSecureMessages app, are backed by Amtelco’s 5-star customer service, available 24/7/365. There are many secure messaging apps to choose from, but few have been developed by companies with more than 40 years’ experience in the communication business.

A stand-alone secure messaging app, or messaging app company, will not be able to address all of the communication pain points experienced by a business. However, used in combination with communications solutions that offer scripting, directories, on-call scheduling, emergency notifications, and other web-based applications, a mobile app backed by 24/7 support, provides companies with a complete communications suite they need to succeed.


Tom Curtin is the president of Amtelco, a leading provider of innovative communication applications, and its 1Call Healthcare Division. Contact him by e-mail at     

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