New All-in-One Spectrum / Prism II Server

Amtelco Hardware and Software Engineers designed the new Prism II server to run Spectrum, Prism II, and other applications from this one server.

Some of the key features or the Amtelco/Telescan designed Server are:

  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Redundant Long Life Solid State Disk Drives – the 480GB Disk drives are mounted in easily removable/replaceable hot swappable carriers, making for easy maintenance if maintenance is ever required.
  • Rack mountable 2U chassis
  • Windows Server 2016 with up to 2 Virtual Machines
  • 3.2GHz Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor
  • 32GB RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Additional 1TB hard drive for storage
  • Redundant 500W hot swappable power supplies
  • Front USB panel and DVD drive
  • Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) RAID management console allowing easy drive and RAID array management

For more information, contact AMTELCO at (800)356-9148, or e-mail

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