Amtelco’s miSecureMessages App Version 4.1

Amtelco announces that its miSecureMessages app version 4.1 is released. Amtelco continues to improve the usability and functionality of its smartphone messaging and paging replacement solution with its app updates.

This app update contains the following added features:

Menu Icon – The user interface is updated with an icon for the Menu Drawer, which is used to change accounts, to navigate to the various pages of the miSecureMessages App, and to access user settings and other functions. The Menu Drawer is divided into sections. The first section lists the name of all of the miSecureMessages accounts that are registered to the user. A green checkmark is displayed next to the account that is currently selected. 

Collapsible and Expandable Contact Circles  – Users can collapse and expand Contact Circles in the master list of contacts. 

Color Themes – Users can customize the color theme used in the headers of the miSecureMessages screens. For each account, users can change the color theme on the "User Settings" screen. 

For more information, contact Amtelco at (800)356-9148, visit, or e-mail

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