Amtelco’s miSecureMessages Partner Program Grows

Amtelco works with call center partners to help market miSecureMessages (MSM) to their clients. The unique MSM Certified Partners Program continues to grow and currently with hundreds of successful partners.

For MSM Certified Partners, Amtelco provides marketing materials including a new movie, a marketing call script, case study full of marketing tips, brochure text ideas and an e-mail template. MSM Certified Partners also are featured on the MSM Web site at miSecureMessages.

MSM Certified Partners also receive a set of core benefits that can help call centers become more profitable, better serve their customers, and build connections to reach their full business potential. Some of the high-value benefits of being a miSecureMessages Certified Partner include: discounted per-device monthly rates that give call centers a better profit opportunity on each miSecureMessages user, access to Tier-One customer support, and a “miSecureMessages Certified Partner” logo that can be used on printed materials and on Web sites.

For more information, contact Amtelco at (800)356-9148, visit, or e-mail

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