Bob Vornberg Promoted to General Manager of Telescan

Robert Vornberg, a member of Telescan’s software development team since November 1994, has been named general manager of the Telescan division of Amtelco in addition to his duties as Director of Product Development. Vornberg assumed his new position on July 8.

Vornberg has been involved in the development of Telescan products as a consulting designer and programmer since 1981. He worked on Telescan’s first paper-based messaging system and participated in the design and development of every subsequent Telescan product offering. Vornberg joined Telescan full-time in 1994 when he was named Director of Product Development by Telescan founder George Meyer.

Prior to his involvement with Telescan, Vornberg was employed as a programmer/analyst by McDonnell Douglas Corporation and by Bridge Information Systems before going into business for himself as a consulting developer.

Vornberg is a graduate of the University of Missouri at Rolla, where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science. A life-long resident of the St. Louis, Missouri, area, Vornberg and his wife, Brenda, have a son and a daughter and two granddaughters.

For more information, contact Amtelco at (800)356-9148, or e-mail

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