The Big Impact of Simplification on Call Centers

By Kevin Beale, Vice President for Software, Research and Development

One of the most significant benefits of Amtelco’s Genesis Intelligent Series platform for call centers is simplification. This is the first of five blogs on this subject.

Simplification is defined as the process of making something simpler to do, easier to do, or easier to understand. Simplification can have a big impact on the success and profitability of any business, but it has a significant impact on call centers, which are very labor intensive. As time has progressed, the complexity of call center applications has grown, and so has the time it takes to train agents and administer those applications. Any steps we can take to streamline call center processes and reduce the time it takes to perform certain tasks can have a big impact on the success of a call center.

Genesis adds software-based switching, multi-channel skills-based ACD, call logging, voicemail, and conferencing to the Intelligent Series, providing call centers with a single software platform for all call center functions. The Genesis Intelligent Series provides advanced capabilities while simplifying and streamlining processes in four key call center areas:

  1. System and Client Administration
  2. Agent Interface
  3. Web Interface
  4. System Maintenance

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