AMTELCO's 40th anniversary

LOOKING AHEAD with Tom Curtin - President, American Tel-A-Systems (AMTELCO)

Next year will mark AMTELCO's 40th anniversary. We know how very blessed we are to be in such a great industry that has evolved so much over these years and we look forward to the future even more.

This is the first article I have contributed to this new monthly communication effort we initiated for customers and prospects alike. To start with, it may be helpful for you to become familiar with what is involved in AMTELCO's commitment to consistently be Looking Ahead!

At AMTELCO/Telescan, we have a Strategic Future Planning Committee meeting every month with all key department heads from Service, Software, Production, Marketing, Advertising, and all AMTELCO executives. Also included are the heads of all three AMTELCO marketing divisions: Call Center, 1Call, and XDS. Each department and division of AMTELCO is responsible for developing its own strategic plan complete with goals that parallel AMTELCO's commitment to helping both our customers and our company. This dovetails into the first order of business at each Future Planning Committee meeting -- the first item on our agenda is a review of our Mission Statement to ensure we are always on the right course for each meeting.

"Exceed customer expectations by going beyond our products to provide solutions that transform data into knowledge, enabling our clients to be successful in the communications business and to better serve their customers."

This raises the question: Where does AMTELCO want to be by the year 2020?
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