Amtelco Announces miSecureMessages Version 6.4


Significant features are added in miSecureMessages Version 6.4. The features were developed in collaboration with miSecureMessages Certified Partner program and users.

  • miSecureMessages users can include attachments when sending messages to each other. The following attachment types are currently supported: audio, photos, video and PDF files.
  • Contact Information is enhanced with the ability to update and enhance their contact information within MSM with items including: contact image, contact phone number, and ability to call from the app.
  • Users have the ability to press a new Info button associated with a Message Thread that provides detailed information about the current thread such as: updated visual for changes to a message’s status, sent timestamp, delivered, read, completed, and deleted. miSecureMessages now supports archival, purge, and retrieval of message threads.
  • Pagination changes miSecureMessages so it doesn’t automatically download all Message Threads at once when a user accesses messages, speeding up the message download process.
  • Event Notifications are enhanced with system e-mails for the following events: device registered, user lockout, database size exceeded, database size warning, and archive size exceeded. Notification attempts and failures can be tracked, which can be viewed from the admin Web.
  • Encryption is improved between MSM server/Notification server/Web server with AES instead of DES.

Amtelco works with call center partners to help market miSecureMessages (MSM) to their clients. The unique MSM Certified Partners Program continues to grow and currently with hundreds of successful members.

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