AMTELCO Introduces Intelligent Series Version 5.0

AMTELCO introduces version 5.0 of its award-winning Intelligent Series (IS) suite of call center applications. Details of this latest software upgrade by AMTELCO were announced at the annual meeting of the National AMTELCO Equipment Owners users group in March.

Amtelco’s software development team works closely with customers to meet their needs. Many of the new features available with IS are the result of Amtelco customers’ input.

The updated IS Messenger interface incorporates multiple conversations into one window. The Contacts page is used to select agents and supervisors for a new chat message. Using buttons along the side of the page, agents can initiate a chat, refresh the screen, dock the IS Messenger window, and view the IS Messenger history.

The IS Specials pane displays a list of special notes regarding the selected client. Specials usually contain timely information about the client’s availability, location, and activities. Specials have a subject and content, just like an IS message, but are displayed in the specials viewing area and can have expiration dates and times.

The Client Sidebar is displayed on the left side of the Soft Agent screen, and enables agents to quickly view information for the current Client Account.

The Info Pages pane lets agents quickly view Info Pages for a client without opening a new work item in the Work Area of the soft agent screen.

A new Navigation Menu feature has been added to the Genesis section of Client Setup. The Navigation Menu page is used to configure menus of options that can be used to select an automated behavior for a call to follow.

The Call Event Tracker, accessed from the IS Supervisor Monitors menu, provides detailed information about call events generated with the optional Genesis Soft Switch.

The Agent Event Tracker, accessed from the IS Supervisor Monitors menu, provides detailed information about agent events.

Genesis Reports have been added to IS Supervisor Reporting for use with the optional Genesis soft switch. The Genesis reports can be run from IS Supervisor and the optional miTeamWeb application and can be run as needed or added to the System Schedule to run at a convenient time.

For more information, contact AMTELCO at (800)356-9148, or e-mail

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