Amtelco Announces miSecureMessages 6.5

McFarland, WI – Significant features are added in miSecureMessages (MSM) Version 6.5. The features were developed in collaboration with miSecureMessages Certified Partner program and MSM app users.

Contact-based licensing, instead of device-based licensing, means miSecureMessages clients pay only for the number of Contacts they have not the number of devices they have.

Easier Registration makes the mobile device app easier for call center clients to get started and reduces the frustration of registration issues.

Client Permissions gives call centers the ability to grant specific permission-based client access to the miSecureMessages administration web thereby reducing labor costs.

Canned Responses for Groups adds flexibility for commercial accounts. Each client organization can have a separate list of predefined responses.

Reporting is improved with added reports for both system administrators and clients.

Time zone of Reporting is adjustable in system settings in the administration web.

Performance Improvements increase the speed of the app and server.

Custom App Menu Links – call centers can provide their clients with web links that can be accessed from the app’s menu, such as a link to Amtelco’s miTeamWeb or the call center’s support web page.

AMTELCO works with call center partners to help market miSecureMessages to their clients. The MSM Certified Partners Program is unique in the industry, continues to grow, and currently has hundreds of successful members.

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