Amtelco’s IS Transformer tools make it easy to upgrade to IS and Genesis from Infinity and other systems.

Amtelco announces an update to the Intelligent Series Transformer data portability utility.

The Intelligent Series (IS) Transformer is a set of tools that transform information from external sources to the IS database and from the IS database to external destinations. Each Transformer tool runs in its own window within the IS Supervisor application. The Transformer tools are packaged in two optional features: IS Transformer Directory/Data and IS Transformer Client/Agent. 

The IS Transformer Directory/Data tools create Intelligent Series directories using exported data from Infinity and other call center platforms. They also can be used to import data into IS scheduling applications. The Data/Directory tools include the Data Transformer, the Infinity Directory Import Wizard, and the OnCall Import Wizard.

The IS Transformer Client/Agent tools can import skill groups, operators, greetings, images and Info Pages into the IS database. They can also be used to create scripts from Infinity message forms and data exported from other systems. The Client/Agent tools include the ACD Import Wizard, the Agent Import Wizard, the Client Import Wizard, the Greetings Import Wizard, and the Image Import Wizard.   

For more information on IS Transformer, contact Amtelco at (800)356‑9148, e-mail, or visit

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