AMTELCO’s Announces miSecureMessages Version 6.6

The features added in miSecureMessages (MSM) Version 6.6 are designed to make it even easier to use. The features were developed in collaboration with members of the miSecureMessages Certified Partner program and MSM app users.

Contact importing – administrators have the capability to import user names, display names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers for contact creation. This information can come from an Active Directory, a LDAP data store or delimited file.

E-mail registration – administrators can import the users’ e-mail addresses for a new optional type of registration, which is initiated via e-mail and requires less data entry during the registration process.

Password and passcode expiration – administrators may set a password and/or passcode expiration timeframe.  This helps satisfy compliance and security requirements that some organizations have with regards to their users being required to update their passwords periodically. 

User password and passcode reset – if a user forgets their password or passcode for the MSM app, they tap on a “Forgot Password {or Passcode}” link to contact their administrator, who will send them an e-mail to securely reset their password or passcode. 

Personal Circle – users have the ability create a “Personal Circle” that the administrator can label within the MSM app.

Fingerprint scanning – fingerprint scanning is an alternative to the standard (alphanumeric) passcode to securely access the MSM app. 

Additional Per-Group settings – many system settings are configurable on a per-Group basis allowing device-to-device messaging, registration type, default notification attempts and interval, and the IS Web Settings.

For more information, contact AMTELCO at (800)356-9148, visit, or e-mail

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