Multi-Channel Call Center Software for Utilities

Enhance utility communications and increase customer satisfaction!

Call Center Software for Utilities

In order to deliver an outstanding customer experience, you need a reliable and user-friendly system. Our seamless, multi-channel utility contact center software will enhance communication and increase customer satisfaction. Your agents and customers and will benefit with automated notifications and reminders and secure text messaging.

Experience the benefits of our technology solutions: 


Increase self-service by giving callers access to information and the ability to conduct transactions with no agent involvement. Our automatic greeting, voice-activated menu can efficiently assist callers before they even speak with a live agent.

Customer Satisfaction

Our call center systems are known for reducing average time to answer, reducing average call duration, reducing errors in call completion, and ensuring that your customer’s needs are met. Web-based access provides options to increase customer and staff satisfaction. 

First Call Resolution

Our Intelligent Series answering service software reduces errors by up to 99% by guiding agents through difficult call processes. Agents follow the scripted call flow navigation to complete each call type.


Our newest technology enables your call center to easily grow without adding additional hardware. Virtual services and cloud deployment provide flexibility you need to meet the needs of your business.


Efficiency is of great importance in order to run an effective call center. We strive to provide technology to increase your call center's efficiency. We continue to implement new tools to help keep your business operating as efficient as possible.


You’ll rest assured with our reliable answering service system which has been known to run for years without any down time. Coordinate outage and maintenance with inherent business continuity and disaster recovery options. 

"The financial strength and stability of Amtelco gives us confidence in our partnership. Amtelco is a company that will be around for the long term, offers cutting-edge technology, and is well-known."
Paul Lauttamus, President

Paul Lauttamus, President
Lauttamus Communications & Security, West Virginia