Secure and Simple Healthcare Call Center Software

Improve patient satisfaction and reduce call handling errors.

Healthcare Call Center Software to Streamline Communication

Streamline your healthcare clients’ communications, while adding efficiencies and benefits. Our call management systems are the choice of hospitals and clinics for improved patient satisfaction and reduced call handling errors. Simplify healthcare customer service communication with our technology.

Experience the features of our technology solutions for your healthcare answering service: 

Patient, On Call and Personnel Directories

Amtelco software can provide healthcare contact center staff with as much, or as little information as they need. In fact, you can determine the scope and depth of information that is required to efficiently handle calls for your healthcare communication system.

Intuitive Call Flow Scripting

Easily guide your agents through each call and provide them with a customized script with the exact information they need, at the precise time they need it. Our scripting solution is renowned for being intuitive and proactive.

Healthcare Workforce Scheduling

Our on-call scheduling software provides an incredibly accurate, flexible, and simple healthcare scheduling process, with the ability to modify schedules, easily dispatch messages to schedule contacts, and so much more.

Integrated Voice Processing

Speech Recognition, Integrated Voice Response and Call Logging and Recording are invaluable voice processing tools for your healthcare communication system. These particular resources are used to increase efficiency, reduce labor and eliminate critical errors.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Healthcare organizations need to maintain privacy of their patients’ personal data. For hospitals, securing patient information is required by HIPAA and HITECH regulations. By encrypting patient information, Amtelco’s miSecureMessages helps ensure that the data remains confidential.

Detailed Reporting

Create Quality Assurance Reports and other customized reports to help run a more efficient hospital call center. Managers can review real-time graphical information regarding all aspects of your call center to improve patient service.

"Amtelco has been fantastic. They have been more of a business partner than I think any vendor I've ever dealt with; and I've worked in IT for over 30 years."

Kathy Mealer, IS Manager
West Tennessee Healthcare