Quickly handle calls and escalate all types of messages. An intuitive mobile friendly interface means quicker call handling, resulting in happier clients. Customized reporting ensures that your call center is running efficiently at all times.


Grow your call center business with the most advanced and reliable call center system on the market. You can deploy your Amtelco system on your own servers, host them remotely or do both for disaster recovery purposes. You can also have one system that is used by multiple physical locations. Remote operators are also easier than ever to set up and maintain with Amtelco software.


All Amtelco solutions are secure, so all information is safe across the entire platform. With our HIPAA Compliant secure messaging app your clients can receive secure messages on their PC or mobile phone.

Happy Clients

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Customer Testimonial: Choosing a Reliable Call Center System

Your call center technology is the heart of your business so a reliable platform and a vendor you can trust are a must. System outages and downtime have a negative impact on your business. There’s not only a risk of financial loss, but your reputation is also at risk.

Amtelco has provided customized call center innovations for over 45 years. Each system comes with a field engineering department that is dedicated to making sure that your system is running smoothly year after year. A one-year support agreement is included with each system, in addition to access to our TechHelper website to download manuals, software updates, and much more.

We encourage each organization to work closely with our team of consultants and engineers through each phase of system planning, configuration, and implementation. This helps ensure that your systems are at their optimum performance levels.

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