Cloud disaster recovery with back-up call center solutions

Off-Site or Hosted Back-Up Call Center Solutions

Have you planned for the unexpected? It’s imperative to be prepared in the event of a business interruption. By creating an off-site back-up system in a geographically diverse location, you can rest assured that your call center will be protected from unforeseen occurrences. This helps prevent a situation where your call center can’t take calls for hours or even days.

If your call center has multiple locations then you are easily able to create off-site backup solutions at your other offices. If you have a single-location call center, this can be more challenging. Consider a partnership with another trusted call center, creating a situation in which both call centers can provide service in times of emergency.

Another solution is to contact your switch vendor about hosted back-up solutions. Vendors that have infrastructure in place for their own systems could also host or colocate a back-up solution.

When creating an off-site back-up solution, you will need to coordinate with your telephony provider. Many providers have options to forward calls to another number in the event of a service outage. SIP providers can forward telephone calls to another IP address on an MPLS network and in some instances to an Internet IP address.

Overall, the challenge with off-site back-up solutions is finding the best solution to protect your business needs while keeping the costs in check.