Female call center agent using simple call center software

Simplify Your Call Center Software

Simplification is defined as the process of making something simpler to do, easier to do, or easier to understand. Simplification can have a big impact on the success and profitability of any business, but it has a significant impact on call centers, which are very labor intensive.

As time has progressed, the complexity of call center applications has grown, and so has the time it takes to train agents and administer those applications. Any steps you can take to streamline call center processes and reduce the time it takes to perform certain tasks can have a big impact on the success of your call center. The Genesis Intelligent Series (IS) provides advanced capabilities while simplifying and streamlining processes.

System and Client Administration Consolidation

The consolidation of system and client administration is a key benefit of the Genesis system. Allowing all system software administration to be performed in a single application, eliminates confusion and repetitive data entry steps. This can greatly reduce the time it takes to administer and activate new clients, so revenue may be generated sooner than previously possible.

The same Genesis IS Supervisor application that provides access to ACD (Automated Call Distribution) and telephony settings, also provides access to additional IS applications. This single point of focus reduces the need to administer settings in multiple applications. Enabling all settings for each client and managing call center application in the same location is a huge time saver for your business.

Importing and exporting powerful data is no longer a hassle with our Transformer tool. This automation greatly reduces the time it takes to implement a new platform. Integrated call logging and screen capture simplifies setup and access. The call recordings and screen captures can be accessed directly within the Genesis and IS Supervisor applications, as well as the miTeamWeb interface. Access is controlled through the agent settings and permissions in IS Supervisor, providing a single point of administration and access.

Integrated reporting using IS Reporting, based on Crystal Reports, is another time-saving feature for your call center. All reporting data is stored within the IS SQL Server database, eliminating the need for a stand-alone MDR reporting database and the MDR workstation application. Billing data is generated within the IS Reporting tables and an integration with Billing Link and other billing packages is available.

Real-time monitoring of call and agent activity from within IS Supervisor provides a single point of focus to monitor call traffic and agent activity. A graphical view of call traffic and agent activity, is an option with the Dashboard applications, which provides the Dashboard SDK, that enables developers to integrate the Genesis IS with other applications.

Our system and client administration consolidation features will take your call center system to the next level. Start working more efficiently with a streamlined and simplified system!