Three male employees reviewing how the Spectrum Health Monitor prevents call center system downtime.

Prevent System Downtime with the Spectrum Health Monitor

Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the introduction of a new product, the Spectrum Health Monitor. The Spectrum Health Monitor was developed to make life a little easier for our customers.  

The Spectrum Health Monitor automates regular troubleshooting steps and basic preventative to help prevent extended system downtime. The Health Monitor functions like your own Telescan support technician. It actively monitors your individual system 24 hours a day. 

The dashboard for the Spectrum Health Monitor allows users to easily view system performance. The dashboard features a simple green, yellow, or red display to indicate normal operation, when monitoring is paused, or when there’s an error. Additional information is displayed when hovering the mouse over the light. The dashboard is broken into three sections that display the status of the server hardware, system software, or the Genesis switch.

The Spectrum Health Monitor can be configured to monitor as many applications or services as needed. Both applications and services can be monitored, based on the configuration. Users can specify whether they would prefer to have the Health Monitor only alert Telescan support staff, or automatically restart applications that are frozen or not running. 

The Spectrum Health Monitor is also able to monitor the status of the server to prevent major issues, such as high CPU usage or low disk space, from becoming an issue that causes an outage. Which drives to monitor and what alert threshold should be set at are configurable by the user. This enables you to attune it to the needs of your individual system. 

In the event the Health Monitor is unable to resolve an issue through automated troubleshooting, it alerts Telescan support staff via our internal messenger and opens a support ticket for the issue. This alert allows our support staff to know which area of the system is causing the problem so we can begin working on the issue without having to diagnose the problem first.

While these types of issues are rare, we recognize that they can cause a lot of headaches for your business. “We have created this tool to give our customers greater peace of mind through increased reliability, allowing them to focus on running their business while their Spectrum system runs itself,” stated Brett Minster, Telescan General Manager.