Happy New Year

New Year's Message from Tom Curtin

Wow! What a rush and joy 2019 has been with many exciting accomplishments to boast about!

Genesis IS and Genesis Spectrum are now in nearly 100 locations, and this number will very easily more than double in 2020!

In 2019, Amtelco added over 50 new customer sites and had the best year ever in our 44 years. We owe all of you a very sincere and heartfelt, "Thank you," for your partnership in our family. It doesn't get any better than this.

Also, we have been beefing up our super staff in 2019, looking forward to 2020 by adding smart and energetic implementation specialists, project managers, contracted services experts, customer support staff, and software and marketing professionals. We are so stoked to have all these new hires-Amtelco Ducks as we call them-on the team!

The Genesis solid foundation has been laid, and you need to get ready for 2020, a year of analytics, artificial intelligence, API's, and even more apps! Find out how to make more money in your business by looking at your accounts using new analytics.

Your MSM accounts love using a mobile app. Now all of your accounts can have access to their important information and calls, and keep your operators up to date without interrupting them.

Give more personalized options in your call distribution using the Genesis ACD Predictive Intelligence to really wow your callers. Using Predictive Intelligence data to automate and streamline your call processing, scripting, and dispatching will make your customers happy, increase your customer base, and decrease your costs!

It's time for a new business plan for exponential growth!