Female call center agent working in a remote call center environment

Maintaining Quality and Productivity in a Virtual Work Environment

With the increase in more employees working remotely, you might be concerned about a decrease in work quality and productivity, and you are not alone. There are a variety of analytics and performance measurement tools you can utilize to ensure that productivity and quality are not taking a hit with your transition to a virtual call center.

Consider utilizing the following tools to help manage your call center:

Call analytics can be used to measure a variety of both historical and live call information such as:

  • Total calls per day
  • Calls per agent
  • Calls per call type
  • Calls per client

​​Service level reports are a helpful way to determine the productivity of your call center. You can monitor agents’ interaction with callers, traffic patterns, agent abandons, and system abandons.

Keeping an eye on the call queue to make sure calls are being answered in a timely manner can be a mundane task. Amtelco’s Intelligent Series IS EZ Waits Monitor is an application that displays how many calls are in queue and which agents are logged in. Any calls that have a longer wait time than the critical time set are highlighted and flash red. This stands out as a heads up that the wait time is not being met. 

Utilizing quality assurance is an important process to ensure your agents are adhering to your customer service standards. Setting standards to assess agents’ performance gives agents a clear understanding of expectations. By recording all calls or a sample of your agents’ calls, you can use a pre-built web script or create your own list of questions to score each agent on their performance. Different points or score values can be assigned to each question, based on their importance. This is a great training tool for giving feedback to your agents and can also be used to incentivize your agents. Call recordings can also be available to your clients to listen to their calls and ensure their calls are being handled correctly, which is a great selling tool.

By utilizing data from call reports and setting clear expectations of agent performance, you can have more confidence in your virtual call center running smoothly and productively.