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Google Removing Basic Authentication

Google announced it will be making a change to the allowed methods of e-mail authentication on May 30th, 2022. This change removes basic authentication, which is the use of a simple user name and password, to log into Gmail services. You can read Google’s announcement here:

This change could impact some of your Amtelco applications if you use Gmail to send or receive e-mail messages. Because many Amtelco applications use basic authentication, a change needs to be made to your Google account and to each of the Amtelco applications that you use for email. A 16-character App Password will need to be generated and then used to replace the e-mail password that is configured within the e-mail settings for the Amtelco software.

Google’s instructions for creating and using App Passwords can be accessed through this hyperlink:

The following Amtelco applications may need to be configured to use an App Password to send e-mail to Gmail accounts:

  • Billing Link
  • eResponse
  • eVoicelink
  • Intelligent Series
  • MDR Capture
  • MDR Service Controller
  • miSecureMessages
  • Network Archiver
  • Printer Capture
  • Red Alert
  • Unified Reports
  • Voice Logger

Please note that the App Password will need to be updated any time that your Gmail password is changed. The deadline of May 30th does not apply to Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity customers. The enforcement date for those customers will be announced on the Workspace blog at a later date.

Amtelco will be updating its newest applications to allow OAuth authentication for additional email security in future versions of the software. Watch the Amtelco Insider for notification of product updates as they are released.