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Find Information Faster with Amtelco’s New TechHelper Website

Amtelco presents its new, improved, and sleek TechHelper website—with searching capabilities and a new mobile-friendly interface. This new website allows users to navigate pages faster, adjusts to mobile devices, and makes it easier to find information about Amtelco, 1Call, and Telescan products. The new TechHelper website can be found by typing into your web browser. Links to the old TechHelper web address will redirect you to the new site.

Your username and password for TechHelper have not changed and can be used to log into the new website. The majority of pages from the old TechHelper website have been migrated over to the new TechHelper website, but there are still some pages that remain on the old website. When you select a menu command, button, or hyperlink that points to the old site, you will be prompted to enter your username and password a second time. This will be most common with information regarding legacy products that have been replaced with newer products.