Female virtual call center agent using enhanced services for call centers

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Expanded Services and Automation

Call centers exist in a constantly changing marketplace. New channels and technologies are constantly emerging. Using a multi-channel, all-in-one system makes it easier to support customers’ needs and earn their loyalty. A true omni-channel system eliminates many performance challenges call centers are facing today. Agents need to be able to assist customers without having to access multiple systems.

Remote agents are increasingly in demand to maximize the availability of resources. Software and virtual operator applications make working from home easier. In order to be effective these tools should be scalable and capable of offering fully functioning call handling.

Automation adds value by accurately handling the everyday tedious tasks which allows agents to focus on providing a higher level of customer satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence can be employed to improve call taking and reduce errors. Digital channels have become popular tools to enhance the customer experience. Analytics can also be utilized to improve customer retention rates and improve the caller experience.

Transitioning to Virtual Call Centers

Faced with limited space, some call centers are using a unique solution by having their agents work remotely from home. One of the benefits of running a call center in a virtual server environment, or in the cloud, is the ability to use home-based operators.

Communications software and virtual operator applications such as Amtelco’s Genesis Web Agent make working from home easy. These applications are scalable and offer fully functioning call handling to transform any personal computer into a professional telephone agent station which can be accessed through the Internet or local intranet. The Web Agent application is a web browser-based telephone agent interface for the Genesis Intelligent Series (IS) call center platform. Web Agent enables agents to process multi-channel calls through desktop computers, laptops and tablets from a web browser. The Genesis Web Agent application uses WebRTC to provide agent audio in a secure, multi-media environment. All agent functions are still available for remote agent connections, including call log recordings and retrieval, which allows for a smooth transition. For callers, the fact that the agents are remote is transparent.

A cloud-based messaging system is omni-channel and offers flexibility and efficiency. A VPN connection is established for remote operators to ensure their connection is secure. The data connection can be established via direct connection, remote desktop, thin client and an audio connection via integrated audio or external audio.

It is helpful to have a remote system that performs directory searches, scripted messaging, and dispatching, and provides access to call log recordings, web content, and on-call schedules. Custom call center scripting guides remote operators through each call with the exact information they need to provide. The ability to easily edit scripting protocols means frontline operators, working from any location, will know the most up-to-date information to provide the best caller experience and reduce errors or misinformation.

Benefits of Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Amtelco’s Artificial Intelligence feature can reduce customer effort and help resolve customer needs on the first contact. First contact resolution is a leading sign of a great customer experience. Meeting this goal includes making call taking easier for agents, speeding up the call process for the caller, and reducing the possibility of errors. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance skill-based call routing to determine the best agent to receive a call. By using a call’s Automatic Number Identification (ANI), the Artificial Intelligence ACD feature can determine the best agent to receive that call based on which agent previously worked with the caller, started a dispatch for the caller, and is the most qualified to handle the call.

Expanding Digital Channels

By offering expanded digital channels such as chat, mobile, and social media, you can engage customers with meaningful support. These channels are becoming increasingly popular as customers feel more comfortable with them.

Amtelco’s Intelligent Series (IS) Social Media Monitor is a web browser-based tool that enables a call center to engage in real-time messaging on behalf of its customers. The Social Media Monitor translates popular social media posts, messages and notifications on the client accounts into dispatch jobs that can be managed by agents. Facebook accounts can be checked for keywords, inbound messages, posts, comments about posts, shares of posts and reactions to posts such as likes and other emoticon-based comments. Twitter accounts can be monitored for keywords, inbound direct messages, replies to account tweets, and for likes, hashtags, retweets, mentions and reactions to posts by the customer. Instagram accounts can be checked for likes and comments regarding a client’s posts.

Utilizing Analytic Tools

Using new analytic tools is important to improve customer retention rates. Speech analytics allow Supervisors a deeper analysis of call logs, such as providing a transcript of the call and describing the overall tone of the caller. Speech analytics can also look for keywords in the call recordings and alert supervisors about the keywords. Data can be analyzed through charts, reports, and transcripts.

Benefits of Amtelco’s Speech Analytics include:

  • Feedback on metrics like agent clarity, client clarity, silence time, agent emotion, and client emotion.
  • Automatic diarization, which splits the caller and agent into their own lines of the transcript to easily identify which party said what.
  • Redaction of sensitive numeric data to reduce the exposure of Payment Card Industry (PCI) information.
  • Quickly and easily identify which calls were “negative” emotion and which were “positive” emotion, and read the transcription to help determine why.
  • Identify problem areas in order to improve your ACD call routing and caller experience.

Evolving Technology

As technology continues to evolve, using a multi-channel, all-in-one system will provide agents and customers with a more efficient call handling solution. Utilizing automation and enhanced services allows call centers to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction while reducing frustration for both the agent and customer.