Person sending text with miSecureMessages Secure Messaging App

COVID-19: The Importance of a Secure Messaging Platform Now

Secure messaging platforms like miSecureMessages are critical to ensure communications are sent securely and quickly across care and support teams. This month, we’re covering the top three reasons why a secure messaging platform is an essential tool during these unprecedented times.

Communicate Sensitive Information Quickly

Whether you’re an operator relaying an important message, or a doctor tending to a patient, fast and reliable communication is critical to ensure the safety and well-being of those you’re responsible for.

In a recent blog, we delved into why hospitals should consider updating their pager system to a secure messaging platform like miSecureMessages. Pagers have been shown to waste a considerable amount of time among healthcare teams. Compared to legacy paging technology, miSecureMessages saves staff two minutes per message.

When it comes to the safety of sensitive information, a secure messaging platform is paramount. Messaging platforms like miSecureMessages utilize end-to-end encryption, which can ensure PHI, in the form of text, photo, video, and audio remains secure. In addition, miSecureMessages doesn’t store messages on the device, and the app can be remotely disabled to prevent access when a device is lost or stolen.

Accountability with Timestamps and Reports

It can be difficult to stay organized and keep a level head when things are moving quickly and staff is getting overwhelmed. Imagine you’re a doctor, and you just sent a message to a lab tech via the miSecureMessages app requesting some lab results for a particular ICU patient. With the app, you can see if your message was sent successfully and when the lab tech has read the message. Timestamps add that extra level of reassurance and accountability to your team, which is critical in times of crisis.

miSecureMessages also keeps track of all message activity. miSecureMessages includes an audit log and a message log, complete with message histories, indicating whom messages were sent to, when messages were read, and who replied to a message.

Urgent and Emergency Notifications

During times of crisis, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by alarms, notifications, and messages over a PA system. Conversely, some hospital staff may fall victim to alarm fatigueOne study records an average of 1.2 alarms heard by a nurse every 60 seconds, or as many as 359 alarms per medical procedure. In addition, recent studies estimate as many as 90% of alarms in critical care settings are either false or clinically irrelevant. This leads healthcare providers to believe that many devices are “crying wolf,” delaying practitioner response time when a real emergency occurs.

To combat the effects of alarm fatigue, miSecureMessages provides features like persistent alerts, event-driven notifications, critical alerts, and high priority settings to ensure vital messages are acknowledged in a timely manner.

COVID-19 has placed a high level of responsibility and pressure on healthcare and call center staff. These demands can be made easier with the help of a high-performing secure messaging platform that can meet their needs to combat the disease and ensure the safety of patients. Request a demo to discover how miSecureMessages can support your staff’s needs today!