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Convenient Client Holidays Feature

Did you know that our Client Holidays feature can be utilized to create custom holidays? With the upcoming holidays this is a convenient feature for your business. Custom holidays can be scheduled ahead of time and enabled or disabled for your individual clients.

Client Holidays can be added, edited, and deleted in IS Supervisor version 5.4 and later. In the System Setup navigation menu, you’ll find the ‘Holidays’ page to configure these settings. You can configure information about the holiday (holiday name, start and end of the holiday) in the Client Holidays table.

To enable or disable holidays for individual clients, access the ‘Holidays’ page in the Client Setup navigation menu of IS Supervisor. There you can view the Client Holidays created in System Setup and check which holidays your client observes.

Client Holidays

If you utilize System Holiday Mode, it is important to note it is separate from Client Holidays. You can individually exempt clients from System Holidays by checking the ‘Exempt from System Holiday’ option found in the IS Supervisor System Schedule.