Call Center Technology

Amtelco Introduces Text Enable Landlines

Amtelco’s Intelligence Series software and MergeComm platform integrate with Infinite Convergence Solution’s (ICS) Text Enabled Number Service to allow enterprises to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages to their customers using existing and new landline numbers

Three Questions to Consider for Choosing Hosted Services

There have been many advances in communications technology in the last decade that are responsible for many changes in the telemessaging industry. 

Amtelco Announces Brad Swift as Contract Service Sales Manager

Amtelco, a leader in developing software solutions and applications designed for the specific needs of the call center marketplace, announces the company has brought on Brad Swift as their Contract Service Sales Manager. 

Artificial Intelligence in the Call Center

Artificial intelligence is nothing new to Amtelco, which started developing a unique data set for predictive call handling in 2005 – the Intelligent Series (IS) Clairvoyant Agent feature. The latest iteration of this development is the innovative IS Predictive Intelligence feature. Predictive Intelligence uses the ANI for a call to recognize the caller, eliminating the need for operators to re-enter information. 

New All-in-One Spectrum / Prism II Server

Amtelco Hardware and Software Engineers designed the new Prism II server to run Spectrum, Prism II, and other applications from this one server.

Tom Curtin Looks Ahead to 2018


Last year was a banner sales year in Amtelco’s history and 2018 is poised to be an even better year.