Call Center Technology

Mobile-Friendly Call Center Applications

Mobile Friendly Applications

While desktop and laptop access still represent a large portion of digital media consumption, especially for business and healthcare uses, the trend towards mobile devices is becoming the predominant means of access. 

Is a Hosted Call Center a Good Fit for Your Business?

Hosted Solutions

Call centers are actively looking for ways to decrease business costs and maintain reliable communications. When researching your options, a hosted call center is one solution to consider.

Benefits of Virtual Call Center Technology

Virtual Server Technology

Virtual call center technology enables a single physical server to house multiple virtual servers. Virtualization of servers enables the Genesis Intelligent Series (IS) to be deployed in the cloud. 

Tools to Increase Call Center Efficiency

Call Center Efficiency

Increasing call center efficiency is a common goal among call centers. You’ll find that having a single software platform for all call center functions, helps to achieve this goal.

Simplify Your Call Center Software

Simple Call Center Software

The Genesis Intelligent Series (IS) provides advanced capabilities while simplifying and streamlining processes.

Off-Site or Hosted Back-Up Call Center Solutions

Back-Up Call Center Solutions

Have you planned for the unexpected? It’s imperative to be prepared in the event of a business interruption.

The Importance of Call Center System Integration

System Integration

System integration is a critical part of operating a successful call center, in both the commercial and healthcare markets. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Expanded Services and Automation

Call centers exist in a constantly changing marketplace. New channels and technologies are constantly emerging. Using a multi-channel, all-in-one system makes it easier to support customers’ needs and earn their loyalty.