Cloud and server room illustrating virtual call center server technology

Benefits of Virtual Call Center Technology

Virtual call center technology enables a single physical server to house multiple virtual servers. This enables an entire call center system to run on a single server. A backup virtual server can be deployed to provide system redundancy and backup.

Virtualization of servers enables the Genesis Intelligent Series (IS) to be deployed in the cloud. Cloud deployment can be accomplished through Amazon, Microsoft, and other providers. The Genesis IS is a software-only solution. This allows the system to run on physical servers or virtual servers.

'Benefits of Virtual Call Center Technology'

Utilizing virtual server technology offers many benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for a call center to maintain its own servers.
  • Software-based switching allows switching functions to be accomplished without the need for discreet telephony boards.
  • Reduces costs and provides greater flexibility for your call center.
  • Agents and trunks can be added without the addition of hardware components.

The Genesis IS provides software-based switching utilizing SIP trunking and SIP agent audio. An integrated Event Manager for monitoring and managing system events is included within IS Supervisor. All system events are available in the Event Manager, eliminating the need for a separate Print Capture-type application.

Trunk configuration and diagnostics from within the Genesis Configuration Manager component of IS Supervisor are also provided. This provides access to troubleshooting information that previously was available only to Amtelco Field Engineering personnel via the Infinity Diagnostic Port. 

The Genesis Intelligent Series reflects Amtelco’s commitment to providing industry best solutions. We recognize that the solutions we offer have a big impact on people's lives and we are committed to continuing to improve our solutions with IS being the focal point of our growing platform.