Amtelco 'Feature of the Month' Connect-Through Feature

Protect Your Clients’ Personal Phone Numbers

Your miSecureMessages users can hide their personal phone numbers when making calls by using the new Connect-Through feature for secure messages. The Connect-Through feature is available in Spectrum Data Manager (SDM) version R1-20.


Messages posted to miSecureMessages that contain a callback number have an option to call the number through the Connect-Through feature.

With the Connect-Through feature, the number is parsed from the original message and formatted into a one-touch link that appears below the message. Using this link, a call is placed to Prism with a unique ID to ensure proper call routing and security. An auto-patch is initiated to the callback number with the caller ID that is set up in the Spectrum system, masking the caller ID of the miSecureMessages user.

There is also an option to allow the user to hear a voice log of the original call prior to initiation of the auto-patch. Additional configuration and security options are built into the latest version of SDM to allow the customer to have a seamless and convenient option while protecting their personal information.

Spectrum miSecureMessage's Integration

The Spectrum miSecureMessages Integration Server is designed to allow Spectrum users to have access to all the great features of miSecureMessages. More information about Spectrum miSecureMessages Integration is provided in the Spectrum miSecureMessages Integration Server White Paper.