Contact Center Solutions

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In today's dynamic business environment, effective communication is vital for contact centers to ensure smooth operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive productivity. Timely notifications play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

Learn how Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions revolutionize customer communication in the cloud. Explore the top features businesses need to consider when selecting a CCaaS solution for optimal customer service and operational efficiency. From omnichannel communication to advanced analytics, scalability, and real-time collaboration, this blog post provides valuable insights to keep your organization at the forefront of customer service excellence. Make an informed decision and deliver exceptional experiences with the right CCaaS solution for your specific requirements.

The new Active Insights secure, cloud-based platform provides access to call, message, and speech analytics. Use Active Insights to quickly find detailed information about calls and agent performance, complete with automated call scoring. You’ll find that Active Insights is user-friendly, fast and easy to deploy, and gives you accurate insights about your overall call handling.

Contact center operators preform a variety of tasks when helping callers. A customer’s perception of a company is also influenced by the experiences they have with the call center agents.

MergeComm is our integration engine and innovative SQL-based Intelligent Series (IS) platform application that streamlines inbound and outbound communications.

Upgrading a communication system can be a long process and you need to know the right time to make the upgrade. Having a trusted technology partner, with decades of experience in successful project management, to expertly lead your team through the upgrade is paramount.