In Memory of George Meyer, Telescan Founder







A dear friend and an icon of the TAS industry has passed away. 

New All-in-One Spectrum / Prism II Server

Amtelco Hardware and Software Engineers designed the new Prism II server to run Spectrum, Prism II, and other applications from this one server.

Looking Ahead to 2018


Last year was a banner sales year in Amtelco’s history and 2018 is poised to be an even better year. 

Amtelco Releases Hosted Spectrum

Some of the advantages of hosting include increased call handling capacity without adding hardware or IT labor, and no need for a support plan – it's all included along with updates. 

Utilizing Technology to Reduce TAS Costs

Telephone answering services (TAS’s) have played a unique and important role in our economy, from the early days of cord boards to the current era of smart phones and soft switches.

Bob Vornberg Promoted to General Manager of Telescan

Robert Vornberg, a member of Telescan’s software development team since November 1994, has been named general manager of the Telescan division of Amtelco in addition to his duties as Director of Product Development. Vornberg assumed his new position on July 8.