Intelligent Reporting

Reporting and Analytics for Your Call Center

Call Center Reporting

Call centers are the communication hubs for managing customer communication. Call analytics provide data to help improve a variety of service metrics to streamline workflows and increase customer satisfaction. 

Intelligent Series Call Log Customizable Agent Assessment

Amtelco’s Call Log Agent Assessment can be used to assess agents’ productivity to improve their performance, improve customer retention rates, eliminate unproductive processes and systems, and address sources of agent frustration.

Amtelco Releases IS Social Media Monitor

The Intelligent Series (IS) Social Media Monitor translates popular social media posts, messages and notifications into dispatch jobs that can be managed by call center agents on behalf of their clients.

Amtelco Announces miSecureMessages Version 6.6

The features added in miSecureMessages (MSM) Version 6.6 are designed to make it even easier to use. The features were developed in collaboration with members of the miSecureMessages Certified Partner program and MSM app users.

Prism II, the Next-Generation Telephony Switch

Prism II Upgrade

Prism II is the next-generation telephony switch for the Telescan Spectrum System. For several decades, the Telescan Spectrum System has enjoyed an enviable record of service to the telephone answering service (TAS) industry, having kept pace with the many challenges facing today's TAS owners.